Why Our NoChoke
Harness is better!


  1. RESTRAINT vs FREEDOM - Other harnesses restrain pets placing great pressure on the neck or trachea.  Our NoChoke harness ELIMINATES that problem.
  2. PULLING vs CONTROL - The NoChoke harness provides greater control over an animal when walking them. Other harnesses place undue pressure on the fragile neck area of your dog.  The NoChoke harness actually STOPS your dog from pulling by using gentle pressure around the chest area.
  3. SAFETY vs INJURY- Other harnesses, especially collars, have an extreme potential for serious injury and even strangulation.  Our NoChoke harness DEFEATS this problem hands down.

Don't just look at other harnesses that say they are "Non-Choking" or "Choke Free", make sure that you try them on in the store and have a friend call your dog from a distance.  Look closely at where the pressure points are occurring on your dog.

Try holding the leash straight up and taught and also see where the pressure is being applied using that manner.  Imagine all directions that the dog may go and look closely at the pressure points. More importantly is your dog going to be happy using that harness.

I have already researched and even purchased as many products as I could, that claimed to be "Choke Free" or Non-Choking" BEFORE patenting my design.

I can tell you for a fact, that NOT ONE HARNESS CURRENTLY ON THE MARKET functions as our NoChoke harness does.  The other "Non-Choking" or "Choke Free" harnesses either put pressure directly on the neck of the dog or can injure the front leg "pits" of your dog.

My harness gives much more support and does not put any pressure on the neck area of your family member.

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