NoChoke Dog Harness

The Harmless Harness that Hugs!

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Blue NoChoke

Fabric Colors

The fabric used on the outside of the harness will come in not only different colors but in different styles. i.e. your team colors.

Hot Pink NoChoke

Bias Colors

The trim around the harness will be available in several different colors for you to mix and match.

Green NoChoke

Plastic Colors

All clips, and buckles come in a variety of different colors.  Metal rings will come in black or silver.

Purple NoChoke

Webbing Colors

You can have the webbing match the fabric or choose a contrasting or complimentary color.

Teal NoChoke

4 Way Adjustable

The ability to get a harness to fit correctly depends on being able to adjust it to each and every individual dog.

Red NoChoke

Extenders Available

For those dogs that have a little more padding than normal. Our extender only come in 6" lengths.  Leter on we will offer more sizes and customization.

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