NoChoke Dog Harness

The Harmless Harness that Hugs!


Measure from Point A to Point B:

Grab a piece of string, tape measure, ruler or measuring tape. Now, looking at the side of your dog draw an imaginary line down the front of your dogs neck and another one just at the end of the rib cage near the tummy (that they love so much to be rubbed). Measure between those two points.

Measure around the chest of your dog: 

This measurement is usually called the girth or circumference measurement. Using a flexible tape measure or a piece of string, wrap it around the widest portion of your dogs chest. If using a piece of string just place it along side a tape measure or ruler to determine how long the girth measurement is.

Sizing Video

Just click on the video to the right to see how easy it is to measure your dog and find the correct size NoChoke harness.


See the Sizing Video above on how to choose the best size for your family member.

Using the two measurements that you just obtained locate where the A - B number fits best.  Then using the C measurement find the measurement that fits best.  If your numbers happen to fall into two different size ranges, then please select the larger of the two sizes.  However, if the "C" measurement is much larger or your dog has a little more padding then we also sell girth Extenders.  This will allow you to choose the smaller size and using the Extender be able to clip the harness around the chest of your dog more comfortably.  Once you have found the correct size(s) for your dog(s), click the link below in order to purchase one for your family member.

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