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NoChoke is a brand new pet product that I am very proud of.  It has taken about two years to
complete the design and patent.  USPTO #9,301,506

Instead of worrying about choking your dog, I have designed and patented a special way to avoid
that problem.  Our NoChoke Harness will also help relieve your dogs stress and make them feel
much more comfortable than anything currently on the market.

If you think of picking up your dog, where do you usually hold them?  Your arms go around their
chest area.  Our NOCHOKE dog harness works in a similar fashion.  It gently squeezes the rib/chest
area instead of the neck/trachea area.  It is unlike any other harnesses that also constrict the
neck area or irritate the pits of the front legs of a dog. With our NOCHOKE dog harness you can
actually pick the dog up off the ground without hurting them one bit. This design will also work
much better in a car, like a seatbelt, because of the way it straddles the dog.

The NOCHOKE dog harness allows better control and increased response to leash commands to
more easily walk your pet, all without placing unnecessary pressure or stress on their trachea,
neck, or their leg pits.

The NOCHOKE dog harness is comprised of an X-shaped piece of stretchable mesh on the outside
and a more comfortable X-shaped piece of fleece on the inside. The fleece material flanks both
sides of your dog’s chest area. The webbing inside the fabric runs throughout the entire harness.
It is attached to 4 plastic guides, 1 clip and 3 metal rings. A leash is attached to the top rear ring.
If the animal pulls away from the person while attached to a leash, light pressure will be exerted
around the chest or ribcage and can direct the animal to retract.  The front of the harness (V-
Neck area) is actually pulled down and away from the neck.

The harness will be offered in 5 different sizes from XS to XL to accommodate different animals
and breeds.  We have 5 exciting colors to choose from.  For an additional cost we will also be
offering additional fabrics and other colors for the trim to further customize your dogs individual
harness including a personalization feature to include your dogs name on the harness.
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